Organizational Structure

Structured 4 Success

A church should always have a good structure in place. Structure provides boundaries, as well as assesses how the church’s being and doing of ministry is carried out.  What a church does as ministry is the doing. The being is how the church goes about doing its ministry. Structure also gives a church the means and ways to operate with a smooth flow throughout the ministry.

High Performance Leadership

Plug Into The Power

A high performing organization is lead by a group of people who share a common vision, goals, collaboration and holds each other accountable to achieve exceptional results, not just acceptable results.  You can identify a high performing group because the members: Have a clear vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish.

Training & Development


Jae Richardson directs and manage training programs that focuses on leadership development, team building, strategic planning, empowerment coaching and as an interim pastor. As well as planning and implementing numerous workshops, designed to train leaders in goal setting and writing purpose and vision statements.

The Book

 Jae’s book “Structured 4 Success” is designed to assist pastors and leaders move their church or organization to the next level with structure, organizational planning and process.

Empowering You!

We want to empower you to become a better you and encourage your leaders and their growth and development.  As an individual and organization you can break the status quo and come into the fullness of who you were created to be. Through strategic planning, revitalization and re-dreaming, we will bring about hope and assist you in building a great lasting legacy.

Next Steps…

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