Having A Clear Strategy

First, the church must have a clear strategy and vision of where God is leading it. It must be able to determine what is important. Once the church body knows what is important, they will be able to realize greater success (win) as they do ministry, serving the congregation and the community. Structure assists the church in discovering the best way to accomplish the win and the right steps in getting there. The church should have a strategic plan to discover its vision and purpose. This will allow the church to carry out the Great Commission and outline a clear path to get where God is leading it. It will also allow the church to find out where God is working and join in with Him. There are two steps for this:

Step One: The foundation for strategic planning: leadership must be ready, willing, and open to change.

Step Two: The method for strategic planning: the church will have to dig deeply, pray diligently, and
seek God fervently in order to discover the vision, purpose, and core values of the church.

A church should have a good structure in place; I call this being structured for success. Structure provides boundaries, as well as assesses how the church’s being and doing of ministry is carried out.  What a church does as ministry is the doing. The being is how the church goes about doing its ministry. Structure also gives a church the means and ways to operate with a smooth flow throughout the ministry.

A successful church will need to come up with a designed structure that helps the organization to operate effectively and efficiently to advance the kingdom of God.

There should always be an understanding of the church’s purpose in order to establish the best practices necessary to accomplish the ministry that has been set forth for it to do. The structure design will ultimately enable the church to do what God has called it to accomplish.

Each church should have its own unique fit. Every church is different; therefore, its structure must be the right fit to carry out the vision God has given to it.

Leaders must be empowered to lead. They should be given the tools needed to lead, trained how to lead,

and encouraged as they lead. Leaders should be taught to have a team approach when it comes to serving within their ministry. Helping them learn how to work interdependently and not independently is vital to team success.



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