Empowerment Coaching Pricing

Empowerment Coaching

Identify the Opportunity

Picture the Desired Outcome

Establish the Right Attitudes

Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching

Great Coaching

Great coaching is a well tuned process. In order to motivate and empower you, the  coach must first collaborate to establish the goal, and then help you adopt the right attitude to achieve that goal or goals. By setting a clear target and keeping your eyes on the prize, which means, your Coach  will walk alongside you on your journey to the Pathway of Living the Life of Your Dreams! 

Coaching Sessions

We provide  four, 45 minute coaching sessions. Our coaches will motivate and empower you to become a better you and encourage your personal growth and development helping you to break the status quo and come into the fullness of who you were created to be. The coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals and action plans to become successful in your journey.


Your coach will assist you accomplish your dreams and goals. They will assist you with putting a strategic plan in place for success. Unlike Life Coaching, Empowerment Coaching is designed to help you make a shift to move towards a higher level in your life. Assisting you to see things from a clear perspective, helping you to realize all the choices you have available. Your personal coach, will help you achieve your personal goals, so that you may reach your full potential of life.

Empowerment Coaching

The empowerment coaching process addresses specific benefits, such as identifying areas for growth, presenting challenges as learning opportunities, bringing about clarity and self-awareness and intentionally, moving towards action steps to reach your set goals. The  goal is to assist you to achieve exceptional results, rather than acceptable results. 


Empowerment Coaching Prices

45 Minutes Single sessions: $85

Three 50-minute sessions: $255

Four 60-minute sessions: $340

Special Discount Priceing

One 60 minute session a month for six months: $450

One  60 minute session every other week for six months: $900

One 60 minute session every week for six months: $12,00

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