Workshop Courses


High Perforence 5.0

The high-performance conference is designed to assist organizations in developing six degrees of building a high-performance team. Setting  common goals , understanding the definitive roles and responsibilities of each team member, putting respected leadership in place, developing a persuasive process, building trustworthy relationships and having authentic communication.

servantleadership Training

Servant Leader Training

These workshop modules focus on several areas related to the ministry of a Servant Leader, which is what a leader is within the local church. Each module is designed to impact the church’s culture in accordance to its unique shape and will aide your church in discovering the best way to implement its leaders as Servant Leaders.


Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

This workshop will assist the church in planning for the ministries of the church. Planning is the act or process of the establishment of goals, policies, and
procedures for a social or economic unit. A well-designed plan is a vital element of structure that glues and stabilizes the arising organism and organization called the church.


The Deacon As Coach & Mentor

This Workshop will assist the deacon or leader understand the dynamics of leading and developing those they lead and minister too. Coaching/mentoring is the key element in producing good leaders. To be a good leader you must be a good coach and discipleship mentor.


DISC Training

The DISC Training workshop is design to help individuals understand their strengths and  weaknesses, in an effort to help them to be more effective with those they lead, serve or work with.  Understanding that personal effectiveness is determined by matching strengths against the demands of specific situation. When we understand this, it is  much easier for the team to accomplish  the task assigned to them.


Knowing Your Gifts

This Workshop will help the learner, understand and know what their God given gifts are. Knowing your spiritual gift or gifts, helps one to understand the will of God and what He has gifted them to do here on earth.