Micro Courses


The courses offered are designed for in person or by Zoom.

Our purpose is to lead, educate and develop.

Lead 4 micro-learning is a program designed to address the challenges faced by leaders looking to improve their skills. It offers a simplified and accessible approach to training, allowing participants to learn individually or as a group. This program caters to the specific needs and requirements of professionals seeking to enhance their leadership abilities.

Introducing the Lead 4 Micro-Learning Program: a comprehensive training solution with expert-designed training. Our program aims to enhance students' learning abilities and foster growth in their chosen areas. Join us to unlock your full potential.



DISC Personality Training On Steroid

DISC Personality Training is essential for leaders to enhance personal effectiveness within an organization or teams. By identifying dominant and secondary personality traits, leaders can leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses. This training equips individuals to understand how they can best serve and lead in different situations. Strengthening leadership skills is crucial for effective collaboration and service.

The Power of Team Effectiveness

This session explores the power of team effectiveness and the role of successful leaders. It defines the functions and responsibilities of leadership teams, highlighting the importance of following simple processes. Participants will learn strategies for building and motivating teams, setting and executing goals that foster creativity and faithfulness.

Servant Leader


These workshop modules are designed specifically for ministry leaders, with a focus on different aspects of being a Servant Leader within the local church. Each module aims to influence the church's culture and aid in the successful implementation of the church's leadership ministry, enabling them to effectively carry out their vision and purpose. The training program also includes a module on DISC Personality.

Getting You Job Ready

This training program aims to equip you with the skills and capabilities that employers seek in job candidates. By understanding the diverse requirements of different employers, you will be well-prepared to start your career. Job skills encompass interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and maintaining a professional tone. Enhance your employability by grasping the bigger picture of how your skills can make you a desirable candidate.


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