Innovative Coaching

Innovative Coaching


Coaching 4 Success

An organization should always have a good high-performance team in place. innovative coaching provides the means and ways, as well as assesses the hidden nuggets of how the organization’s  purpose is being carried out.  Every organization is looking for results.   Innovative coaching assists the organization with ways to operate with a smooth flow throughout the organization focus on the purpose and reach its results.

servantleadership Training

Servant Leadership Training

 Plug Into The Power

A high performing innovative organization is led by a group of people who share a common vision, goals, innovation and collaboration.

These workshop modules focus on several areas related to the ministry of a Servant Leader within an organization. Each module is designed to impact the organization’s culture in accordance to its unique shape and will aide your your organization in discovering the best way to implement its vision. These modules include 18 hours of training instructions. They will address how the servant leader can serve as a high-performance leader. The goal is to instruct and develop a servant focused leadership with positive skill sets of influence, initiative and impactful living.



Organizational Structure


A structured plan will help an organization discover and remain focused on its reference point or purpose. Structure is like the Center of Operations for the organization's Vision and purpose. It enables the life of the organization to excel and facilitates its purpose. The central nervous system sends out signals to the brain which in turn gives the commands to different parts of the body to perform certain functions. In essence this is what  structure for any organization does; it ensures that each area is supported and it's purpose is carried out properly.

Empowerment Coaching


The coaching is designed to assist you and your leaders to move your organization to the next level with intentional and purposeful planning, process and innovative thinking.

Innovative Coaching!

We want to empower you to become a better you and encourage your leaders, their growth and development.  As an individual and organization, you can break the status quo and come into the fullness of who you were created to be. Through strategic planning, revitalization through Innovative thinking. We will bring about hope and assist you in building a great lasting legacy.

Dr. Jae’s new book “Structured 4 Success” is designed to assist pastors and leaders move their church or organization to the next level with structure, organizational planning and process.

Empowering You!

We want to empower you and or your company to become a better you and encourage you and or your team for personal growth and development as an individual or an organization to break the status quo and come into the fullness of who you were created to be. Through strategic, revitalization and innovative coaching, we will bring about hope and assist you in building a great lasting legacy.

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